Doctor Who available in Japan Through Hulu

Doctor Who will be shown in Japan via the on-demand website subscription service Hulu.

BBC Worldwide is making the Doctor available available along with some 600 hours of TV - from all of the BBC’s programming.

Another voice and actor from Doctor Who’s past will also among the titles in the initial phase of the multiple-year agreement is Little Britain, narrated by Tom Baker.

Hulu allows people to watch unlimited content on multiple internet-connected devices.

Joyce Yeung, general manager and senior vice-president for BBC Worldwide Sales:

"We’re excited to be expanding our business in the Japanese digital sector by becoming the first British distributor to partner with Hulu in Japan. Hulu’s versatile service opens up a new audience for our catalogue, which covers everything from entertainment formats and international drama productions to cutting-edge science documentaries and world-renowned natural history titles."

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